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Thermal~Flow Water Cooled Performance

Thermal~Flow's Water Cooled Systems perform better than Air Cooled Systems

All systems have a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating which is based on an outside temperature of 82F. On a hot day (90F and up), air cooled systems rated at 13 on the SEER scale operate below 11 SEER, and as the temperature rises, they perform at even lower SEER.

When it’s hot, your need for cooling increases, but the air cooled system loses both capacity and efficiency. The Thermal~Flow Water Cooled Air Conditioner system loses neither as the temperature rises. In fact, on extremely hot days, the evaporative water cooled unit actually improves in efficiency and capacity.

Benefits of Thermal Flow Water Cooled Systems

Smaller compressors to produce the desired system capacity means smaller motors that use less energy.


Lower freon operating pressures and temperatures create less stress on mechanical components.


Unmatched overall efficient performance and years of increased service.

Compressor Performance Compared to Air Cooled Condensing*

*Based on Copeland Corporation Performance Data for SCROLL Mdl. ZR34K1PFV (3 ton compressor) Standard conditions: 45F Evaporating Temperature, comparing condensing temperatures of 130F for an air cooled unit with 90F for a water cooled system.

Annual Cost Comparison Across the Sunbelt*

*Based on 2,000 annual cooling hours calculated by American Refrigeration Institute for Phoenix, Austin, Mobile, and Jacksonville. Cost: 9.2 center per Kwh (Total marginal rate for Austin). Cooling hours are 50% greater in South Texas and South Florida.

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