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Water Cooled Residential Air Conditioner

Thermal~Flow's Water Cooled Air Conditioner is designed around our Evaporative Condenser and Cooling Tower Technology.

The Thermal Flow Water Cooled Air Conditioner system is designed and built to the highest standards, utilizing durable industrial grade components. The unique design of the water cooled condenser combines function and form in a very attractive and compact unit only 54 inches tall.

The Water Cooled Air Conditioner system has a refrigerant condenser sits outside the home, sending R-22 refrigerant to an air handler / evaporator coil inside the home. Multi-compressor condensers are available, and are the most cost effective. Compressors and controls are in a separate box beside the refrigerant cooling tower.

The Water Cooled Air Conditioner condenser is designed to be compatible with all standard air handler / evaporator coils that use R-22 refrigerant. The Water Cooled Air Conditioner condenser is fitted with a very quiet high efficiency fan, available with optional variable speed fan controller to conserve water. An auto purge self-cleaning feature is included to handle the hard water in some regions.

Thermal Flow warrants the cooling tower for fifteen years, the compressors for ten years, and the cooling tower fan and pump for three years.

Two Compressors with electrical components

Three Compressors with electrical components

Water Cooled Condenser Coil

The over-lapping coverage of the non-fouling spray nozels (pictured above) along with a high water flow rate over the coil area, continuously flooding the condenser coil, prevents scaling.

The compressor box (pictured to left) holds one, two, or three compressors and the electrical components and controls in a water proof fiberglass enclosure.

The water circulating pump is also inside the easy access compressor box allowing for simpler maintenance procedures.

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