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Thermal~Flow Residential HVAC Systems

Thermal~Flow has developed a complete line of Ultra-Efficient Water Cooled and Air Cooled residential HVAC systems.

Thermal~Flow has developed a line of high quality Ultra-Efficient products designed specifically for the needs of todays residential buildings. Utilizing technology normally associated with the industrial sector, the company has perfected the ultimate in energy efficient Water Cooled Air Conditioner Systems, and Heat-Pump Systems for residential applications.

Our Thermal~Flow Ultra-Efficient HVAC Indoor Comfort Systems for the residential market are a new breed of HVAC products and systems that delivers the Indoor Comfort, Healthy Air Quality, and Energy Efficiency demanded in today's market place.

Thermal~Flow - Ultra-Efficient Water Cooled Residential Air Conditioner Water Cooled Air Conditioner

We have combined our Thermal~Flow Cooling Tower, featuring superior water-cooled evaporative condenser technology, along with the newest Scroll compressors, and the most efficient fans and pumps available to produce our Ultra-Efficient Water Cooled Air Conditioner.

Our Thermal~Flow Water Cooled Air Conditioner is designed to utilize the natural properties of water to cool the refrigerant up to 60 degrees cooler than is possible with an air-cooled system. By reducing the heat in the refrigerant circuit, the operating efficiency of our water-cooled systems is dramatically enhanced, providing an unparalleled efficiency advantage over conventional air-cooled units.

The largest amount of savings produced by our water cooled technology, occurs during the heat of the day. The Thermal~Flow Water Cooled Air Conditioner often has double the operating efficiency than a typical air conditioner at these times.

The Thermal Flow Heat Pump System is called the Green Machine. This system is a residential chilled water heat pump system that can provide total capacity modulation and dehumidification on demand. The Thermal~Flow Green Machine is an advanced Ultra-Efficient HVAC Indoor Comfort System that is is designed around proven technology used in large buildings - chilled water-cooling technology.

The Green Machine provides remarkable improvements in Operating Efficiency, Indoor Air Quality, and Total Comfort. In the cooling season the system will run most of the time at very low energy levels to maintain comfort throughout the home, providing unparalleled humidity removal for a healthier and more comfortable environment.

The homeowner will enjoy a more comfortable home at higher thermostat settings, thus allowing for additional energy savings. The system is designed to offset all of the losses associated with frequent on-off cycling that is common in conventional heating and cooling equipment.

Frequent on-off cycling degrades capacity, reduces system efficiency and diminishes a conventional systems ability to remove moisture and maintain a stable healthy indoor environment.

Thermal Flow - Ultra-Efficient HVAC systems - Evaporative Condenser

Thermal Flow Three Stage Green Machine

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