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Thermal~Flow Cooling Towers

Thermal~Flow Evaporative Condensers and Closed Circuit Cooling Towers

Thermal~Flow's innovative Evaporative Condenser (TFEC) and our Closed Circuit Cooling Tower (TFCCT) use advanced coil technology which reduces the tendency to accumulate scale on the coil surface. Scale is the build-up of solids, often calcium and magnesium compounds, resulting from the evaporation of water directly on the condenser tube bundle within the unit. By reducing scale tendency, peak heat transfer capability is sustained over the life of the equipment and coil longevity is maximize. Thermal~Flow Cooling Towers save customers time, money and energy during the installation, operation and routine maintenance.

  • Proven Commercial Water Cooled
  • Requires no Structural
          Roof Upgrades
  • Engineered for Commercial
          Roof-Top Applications
  • Light Weight, Modular,
         Durable, Low Maintenance
  • Proven Record of Operational
  • 15 Year Limited Warranty

  • Thermal~Flow has combined it's superior TFEC Evaporative Condenser with the newest Scroll compressor technology, and the most efficient fans, pumps, and heat exchangers available to produce it's Ultra-Efficient HVAC Multi-Stage Packaged Chillers, Demand-Buster 50-Ton 4-Pipe HVAC, and our Residential Water Cooled Air Conditioner Systems.

    The Thermal~Flow Closed Circuit Cooling Tower is the heart of the Demand-Buster HVAC Retrofit System, Hybrid Geothermal Systems, and Water Cooled Commercial Chillers. They are also perfectly suited to many waste heat applications that call for high efficiency fluid coolers.

    The four unique design features of Thermal~Flow's Cooling Tower with advanced coil technology contribute to the reduced propensity to scale, and lower energy consumption:

    1. Low Velocity Updraft Air Flow: Improved water coverage around the tubes is due to lower air flow in an updraft path over the evaporative condenser coil, maintaining full tube coverage. With lower air flow, velocity the spray water is not stripped from the underside of the tubes by the airflow; thus eliminating scale-promoting dry spots.

    2. Increased Water Flow Over Coil: The over-lapping coverage of the non fouling spray nozels along with a water flow rate over the coil area that is more than a conventional evaporative condenser is unique to the TFEC. This provides continuous flooding of the primary heat transfer surface for decreased scaling potential.

    3. Evaporative Cooling Occurs Primarily in Evaporative Media: The TFEC Evaporative Condenser incorporates advanced technology using both primary and secondary heat transfer surfaces. The primary heat transfer surface, the serpentine evaporative condenser coil, is the most important as well as the most expensive component in the evaporative condenser. The coil of the TFEC is protected from detrimental scale since it relies primarily on sensible heat transfer and therefore is less susceptible to scale formation than are other designs that rely primarily on latent (evaporative) heat transfer. The technology behind the secondary heat transfer surface, the PVC wet media, has been proven scale

    Thermal Flow's Evaporative Condenser Technology the heart of our Ultra Efficient HVAC Indoor Comfort Systems
    Thermal~Flow TFEC Operation Principals
    resistant and durable for more than 30 years in cooling tower applications. More than 80% of the latent heat transfer occurs in the secondary surface, moving the evaporation away from the primary heat transfer surface.

    4. Colder Spray Water: Spray water at colder temperatures has a lower propensity to form scale because scaling compounds remain in solution rather than depositing as solids on the evaporative condenser coil. In the TFEC the spray water over the coil is colder than other evaporative condenser designs due to the addition of the secondary heat transfer surface. The colder spray water alone reduces the scaling potential by 25% compared to other designs.This is above and beyond the reduction achieved by Thermal~Flow's our other three unique design features

    Thermal~Flow Evaporative Condenser Tower

    • Construction:     All fiberglass cabinet, cannot corrode. High quality materials throughout. High efficiency evaporative condenser design.

    • Water Spray Nozzles:     Durable plastic, non-corrosive and non-fouling.

    • Fans:     Aluminum body, High Efficiency multi-speed fan motors, epoxy coated frame,precision balanced plastic blades for quiet, trouble-free service.

    • Service:     Easy access for routine maintenance
    Thermal Flow's Evaporative Condenser Technology the heart of our Ultra Efficient HVAC Indoor Comfort Systems Thermal~Flow 30-Ton Evaporative Condenser

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