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Thermal~Flow “Demand Buster” 50 Ton "Plug and Play" Chiller

The Thermal~Flow “Demand Buster” chiller package is one of the most efficient mechanical systems available.

This unit is a complete mechanical system (four pipe chilled water system), with on board 97% condensing boiler, pumps, expansion tanks, controls.

All components combined in a modular skid mounted chiller package that will provide a full four pipe mechanical system with out the need for any space in the building.

Thermal Flow - Demand Buster 50Ton Chiller - Ultra Efficient HVAC Indoor Comfort Systems with Evaporative Condenser Technology
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  • 14-17 EER Performance at full or part load
  • Staged system with four 12.5 Ton Scroll Compressors
  • Built in redundancy
  • Efficient part load capacity with individual compressors and condensing circuits
  • Evaporative condenser design - best operating efficiencies of all water cooled designs.
  • Heat is recovered from the hot gas to provide free heat for the heating loop.
  • 97% fully modulating condensing boiler for winter heating loads
  • The EC type variable speed cooling tower fan motors save water and energy.
  • Chemical free design saves on water treatment, environmentally correct design.
  • Auto purge system cleans and purges the minerals and contaminates from the tower.
  • Utilize the cooling tower water for “free cooling” - econimizer cycle

Our unique Thermal~Flow Evaporative Condenser Cooling Tower design utilizes both cooling tower media and evaporative condensing tube bundle in one system.

The media provide for cooler water spray over the evaporative condenser coil providing enhanced efficiency, reduced propensity for mineral deposits. Thermal Flow's unique evaporative condenser cooling tower design offers the ability to utilize the cooling tower water for “free cooling” (via heat exchanger) during lower outdoor temperatures.

Units with two evaporative condenser cooling towers connected to one compressor section are available for a total of 100 plus tons of capacity.

We also offer the Demand-Buster Chiller in 10-40 ton packages with two or four pipe designs, with matching evaporative condenser cooling towers.

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