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Thermal~Flow Commercial Ultra-Efficient HVAC Systems

Thermal~Flow has developed a complete line of Ultra-Efficient HVAC commercial systems around our patented evaporative condenser and cooling tower technology.

Thermal~Flow has developed a product line with unparalleled performance, designed specifically for high temperature climates. Utilizing technology normally associated with the industrial sector, the company has perfected the ultimate in energy efficient water-cooled air conditioning systems for the light commercial market.

We have combined our Thermal~Flow Cooling Tower, featuring superior water-cooled evaporative condenser technology, along with the newest Scroll compressors, and the most efficient fans and pumps available to produce our Ultra-Efficient HVAC Multi-Stage Packaged Chillers, and the Demand-Buster 50-Ton 4-Pipe HVAC.

Thermal~Flow's Commercial Products

  • Thermal~Flow Cooling Towers

  • Demand-Buster HVAC Retrofit

  • Demand-Buster 50-Ton 4-Pipe HVAC

  • Thermal~Flow's patented evaporative fluid cooler technology together with the highest efficiency fans, pumps, and heat exchangers are utilized in the design and production of our Demand-Buster Evaporative Condenser HVAC Retrofit products, Water Cooled Ultra-Efficient HVAC Systems, and Hybrid Geothermal Ultra-Efficient HVAC Systems.

    Thermal~Flow - Evaporative Condenser Cooling Towers

    Every one of our Thermal~Flow system designs utilizes the natural properties of water to cool the refrigerant up to 60 degrees cooler than is possible with an air-cooled system. By reducing the heat in the refrigerant circuit, the operating efficiency of these water-cooled evaporative condenser and closed circuit cooling tower systems is dramatically enhanced, providing an unparalleled efficiency advantage over conventional air-cooled units.

    Thermal~Flow line of Evaporative Condenser and Closed Circuit Cooling Towers.

    The largest amount of savings produced by our evaporative condenser, and closed circuit cooling towers occurs during the heat of the day thereby offseting expensive peak demand charges that electrical utilities are now applying to commercial customers. Many utilities offer rebates or financial incentive programs aimed at commercial users of peak kW demand. A Thermal~Flow Ultra-Efficient HVAC System often has double the operating efficiency than typical HVAC equipment, and may qualify for utility demand reduction program incentives.

    Thermal~Flow's evaporative condenser tower and closed circuit cooling towers are fitted with high efficiency variable speed fans to conserving energy and water and also provide for quieter operation. An auto purge self-cleaning feature is included to handle the hard water in some regions.

    The Thermal~Flow cooling tower is the only evaporative condenser, and closed circuit tower that is lightweight enough to be installed on a roof with out structural upgrades.

    Thermal~Flow Evaporative Condenser and Closed Circuit Cooling Tower

    • Construction:     All fiberglass cabinet, cannot corrode. High quality materials throughout. High Efficiency evaporative condenser design.

    • Water Spray Nozzles:     Durable plastic, non-corrosive and non-fouling.

    • Fans:     Aluminum body, High Efficiency multi-speed fan motors, epoxy coated frame,precision balanced plastic blades for quiet, trouble-free service.

    • Service:     Easy access for routine maintenance

    Thermal Flow - Ultra-Efficient HVAC systems - Evaporative Condenser Thermal~Flow 30-Ton Evaporative Cooling Tower

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